I have had the privilege of watching Anne work on countless occasions over the years, both in her role as a group facilitator and as an educator around issues of relationships and sexuality.
A pillar of the community, I am thrilled to know that Anne is now making her high level of skill, resonant authenticity and profound depth of knowledge available as an educator and relationship coach. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Anne so that they might explore deeper, more intimate relationships.

Jack Fairchild, Counsellor

Where my partner told me what the problem was, you gave me the tools to work through the problem.

Digby Brandenburg

Anne, thank you for your care, wisdom and guidance. After talking with you I feel more confident within myself and more able to be with the changes I am trying to create in my life. You help me to clarify what is important to me and support me in ways to shift the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that keep me stuck. You accept where I am at and I feel valued for the person I am. This is a very special gift you give the world…thank you!


Anne has an extraordinary empathy with people, and has a great deal of experience in providing mediation and counselling for relationships of all kinds. Anne’s insight into the human mind, heart, and spirit is profound, and her approach with people is balanced, loving, and above all, fair. In my experience, Anne will go to great lengths to listen and be sure she has heard the issues correctly, and
is no less conscientious in conveying her conclusions and suggestions.
Anne has a way of promoting clarity, love, and well being, and I value her as a friend and hold her
abilities as a counsellor in high esteem.

Bruce Colledge

The PolyVic Dicussion Group is actually a very difficult and complex task when you think about it. You not only have to be quick witted and assertive to head off any off-topic filibusters, you also have to be caring and sensitive because people are talking about things close to their hearts, and a few on any given night could be feeling very sad and vulnerable. You command attention in a gentle way, laugh easily and generally set a nice, safe environment for an interesting discussion.


Anne is well known for her facilitation skills, she is the person you go to if you have relationship problems. I don’t know how to describe just how trusted and respected she is by those she interacts with. She has that way about her of making everyone she talks to feel as if they have truly been heard and valued as a person. Facilitation is just inbuilt into her nature now. If I could learn to be half the facilitator she is, I would be happy

Cassie Webb

Anne’s wisdom has been a blessing in my life. She applies decades of instinct and intuition with clear, practical skill. Workshopping an issue with Anne has always left me feeling consoled and enlightened, and most importantly empowered to take the tools I have learnt and make positive changes for myself


I’ve found Anne’s support and guidance to be genuine, heartfelt and incredibly helpful. There’s not a session that goes by where I haven’t felt heard and respected, and without a plan or strategy to put onto place. The most helpful aspects for me have been her belief in our process, and the honest reflections and insights Anne has offered. I can honestly say I’ve walked away a better person every time.