Polyamory Education

Polyamory is the pursuit of multiple, ethical, loving relationships, where all parties know and genuinely consent to the arrangement. In polyamory the focus is often on the emotional intimacy, and may or may not involve sex.

Polyamory is gaining awareness in mainstream culture. There are a lot of myths about what it is, who pursues it and why, what it looks like, and how it works.

I have been polyamorous since 1994. In 2004 I co-founded PolyVic and I have been educating groups around Australia about polyamory since then. I have spoken to numerous interest groups, been on panels, facilitated discussion groups and been interviewed several times by the media about polyamory. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to speak to your group about ethical non-monogamy.

My business partner Tathra Street and I developed Your Relationship Toolbelt which offers courses, workshops and seminars on how to successfully navigate the glorious world of non-monogamy. For more information check out our Courses page.