My passion for relationship skills education began with an extra-curriculum Communication Skills course while I was studying psychology at Melbourne University. It changed my life. It was so valuable that I repeated it the following year and eventually taught communication skills, first privately and then at RMIT in the 1990s.

As I have developed my own skills I have been impressed at how they empower every aspect of life, especially my relationships. In my experience these skills are vital to connection, satisfaction, intimacy, and happiness. Yet they are rarely taught.

In the early 1990s my journey into what I wanted took me beyond monogamy and into the exciting new territory of multiple ethical relationships. It opened my eyes to the surprising number of people who are dissatisfied with traditional monogamy and rigid societal norms of how we relate to each other. To share wisdom with like-minded others, and to develop social support, a partner and I co-founded PolyVic in 2004. It has developed into a thriving ethical non-monogamy community, providing a model for the development of such communities all around Australia.

I have facilitated many discussion groups and social events within and without the polyamorous community, as well as running educational workshops, lectures and focus groups around Australia. Events include The Wheeler Centre, Quench, Pleasure Forum, Sex Camp and Confest. More recently I have been involved in documentaries, media interviews and conducting research about open relationships. I co-authored a chapter on poly parenting in “LGBT Parent-Families: Innovations in Research and Implications for Practice” (ed Abbie E. Goldberg and Katherin R. Allen), a handbook for health care practitioners.

For over twenty years I have been coaching people from all walks of life. A difficult part of my personal journey has been to discover what I actually want. Without knowing that, I was unable to ask for it or make it happen. This has become a key issue I explore when coaching, because I believe it is a necessary starting point for happiness. I still get excited when a client can say for the first time what they really want, or discovers the power of a new skill, or overcomes a hump that has distressed them for years. I love connecting with new people and watching them grow into themselves.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering where we can journey together.